Welcome back and thank you to everyone that read my first post.  I’m still learning my way around but have managed to make a few small changes. I’m hoping to have some time this weekend to actually read and watch the tutorials on so I can get fancy with my site. 

I’m not sure I’ve ever been considered overweight, but I’ve been aware of my weight relative to my height most of my life.  When you’re the shortest member of your family and a little on the, “heavy” side you just can’t help but be aware.  About 12 years ago I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 30 lbs. Sadly when I moved to rural Southeast Kansas 6 years ago and took my first job as a Nursing Home Administrator I gained most of that weight back, and over the past 6 years I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost and gained and lost the same 10-15lbs.  I’ve become one of those habitual dieters that will try quick fixes that I know good and well don’t work and to be honest will go from counting calories to counting points every other week. I realize that I have probably done some damage to my metabolism over the years and losing weight for me is now an excruciatingly slow process.

As I am quickly approaching 40 I figure it’s now or never to get to a healthier weight. So right here, right now I am  committing to getting the weight off before January 21st, my birthday…  I have several reasons for wanting to lose the weight  1) I know that over all its better for me health wise to be at a lower BMI, 2) I’ll be able to run faster and running marathons won’t be as difficult or painful,  and maybe I can finally finish under 5 hours. 3) I have a closet full of clothes that I want to wear again, 4) I want to be a good example for my nieces and nephews, and 5) I’ve seen first hand the toll of obesity in the patients I take care of, when you find your self caring for a 500lb person that is your age its pretty startling. 

As a result of my constant battle with my weight I’ve become a tab obsessed with food.  I LOVE food and if you looked in the dictionary under emotional eater you would find my picture.  Over the past several years as I’ve gotten more into running I’ve also started to read and think more about the quality of foods that I put in my body.  Food should be about fuel, but I usually “Live to Eat,” and not “Eat to Live.”  There are so many books and so many different opinions about what we should eat – Vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, Modified Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, and on and on.  One book tells you beans are great for you while another takes them out of your diet completely and if that weren’t bad enough we need to be worried about how, when and where are food is raised and processed.  It can be so overwhelming if you spend too much time thinking about it! I do think that our food supply is compromised and industrial farming leaves much to be desired, there’s a great short film with Willie Nelson signing Cold Play’s, “The Scientist,” that Chipotle produced a few years ago the demonstrates what has happened to the family farm.    Also Knives over Forks is a great documentary about how food can be used to heal what is wrong with our bodies.

Anyway, on Monday of this week I committed to a 10 day “cleanse,” meaning that I am being careful and intentional about the food I put in my body – I am limiting dairy, white carbs, alcohol and sugars and focusing on lean protein, fruits and veggies and good fats.  I had thought about trying to follow Whole 30, but being that strict and that limited on what you can eat is too much for me right now.  In addition, I am committing to tracking calories with, a great free app and website.  I can already tell a difference in the way I feel and look.  Although I must be honest and say that today all I could think about was eating a Wendy’s Pretzel Burger and a tub of frozen yogurt with cookie dough crumbles on top… But someone stopped me by questioning where the beef for that juicy looking hamburger comes from, what is fast food

Food is fuel. Food is not my friend, food will not fix my problems or make my commute shorter. or find a renter for my house in Kansas City, but if you’re looking check Voepl Property Management!  Sorry I just figured out how to embed a link.  I am working to change my relationship with food so that I control it instead of it controlling me.  So this is it, I know it won’t be easy and I know I won’t be perfect 100% of the time but its time for me to make a change.

Do you follow or subscribe to a special diet or way of eating? 

About AuntJenFox

I'm a 45 year old single woman living in Dallas, TX. I'm a licensed nursing home administrator, runner, Aunt, and Mom to a Welsh Corgi puppy named Eloise and a cat named Gracie. My life is anything but boring and I learn something new everyday.
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3 Responses to Food!

  1. ChuChi Otaku says:

    Hello there!
    Great post you have here! Hope you’re fitting in nice and comfy here at wordpress. I’m pretty new here myself so I know what you’re going through.
    Personally, I don’t stick to the eat this and not that kind of diets, mainly because I prefer controlling my food intake instead (dividing my food into healthy portions). And I agree, too much food restrictions is too much for a fellow food lover like me. I do believe in calorie tracking though (I’m also at As I’ve said, everything is good in moderation.
    So here’s to hoping you post more great entries! Have fun and welcome to wordpress! 😀
    See you around!

  2. I’m at the end of a fairly specific 8-week diet challenge contest and I am seriously craving things like spinach salads with yummy stuff on them, and other healthy stuff. I indulged a bit last night at a party but tried not to go too overboard, and it hasn’t completely derailed me today. So the cleanse is probably a good idea to try retraining habits and your mental game. I use MFP too and it has been helpful!

    • AuntJenFox says:

      I let myself have a “cheat day,” today and I’m amazed at how quickly I could feel the difference and by cheat day I mean a non-fat iced latte, some pretzels after my long run, a bagel thin from Einstein Brothers and a class of red wine!

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