A Spacious Place

I’ve been reading the Bible again, in 2018 I had set a goal to read the Bible in a year and then quickly gave it up. I am trying again although I will confess I am woefully behind schedule right now. I am honestly struggling to find a new routine in the morning with puppy and have been waiting to do my reading at night and end up falling a sleep. Anyway, a few days ago the devotional for the selection from the Psalms, Psalms 18: 16-24, was describing David being surrounded by his enemies. God rescues David and, “brings him to a spacious place.”

For some reasons those words, a Spacious Place, have stuck with me. As I’ve moved through out my days dealing with the stress of work, moving and life with a 14 week old puppy I’ve found myself praying to be led to a spacious place. It has also got me to thinking about how I live life, have I retracted to a small space? Am I living a small life or am I living into the Spacious Place? Doing big things and making an impact on the lives of those around me in a positive way. Am I living up to my potential or am I falling into the trap of believing “things are hard,” and I can’t do them and choosing the easy way out? How can I create and lean into this Spacious Place that I fully believe is a place where God wants us all to live, how can I help create this place for others?

Lots of BIG questions that I don’t currently have the answers too, but certainly I am chewing on in my mind. I am excited to be moving into what is a truly spacious place this next week, after a failed attempt at downsizing. I am excited to be back in a larger apartment that will offer more natural light and more room for all of us (Gracie the cat, Eloise the Corgi, and me!). I am still working on ridding myself of stuff. I have no intention of moving things that have out lived there usefulness or no longer bring me joy (thank you Marie Kondo). I want a space that is open and light and comfortable and that will allow me to live into the Spacious Place, where I know I belong.

I feel like I have lived the past year of my life in a narrow and unfocused way. That while I do have big goals and big dreams I’ve not pursued them with intent and been bold and gone after them. I feel like it is time again to spread my wings and find the joy and light in life. To step into the Spacious Place that God has created for me and claim it as my own.

About AuntJenFox

I'm a 45 year old single woman living in Dallas, TX. I'm a licensed nursing home administrator, runner, Aunt, and Mom to a Welsh Corgi puppy named Eloise and a cat named Gracie. My life is anything but boring and I learn something new everyday.
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