We're Going Streaking through the quad.

We’re Going Streaking through the quad.

Yes, AuntJenFox is going streaking!  Now get your minds out of the gutters, I’m not talking about the kind of streaking when you’ve had one too many drinks and running across your college campus with no clothes on seems like a really good idea; I’m talking about a running streak. 

I love the idea of committing too and completing a running streak.  Honestly, I think I’ve started 2 or 3 of the Runners’ World  Holiday Running streaks, but have only completed 1. Last week as I was reading through the countless Running and Fitness blogs that I follow, I came across the Pile On The Miles 2013 Challenge from Monica at Run Eat Repeat. The idea is that she hosts a challenge for the month of November to keep you moving.  You sign in and establish goal for the month and then report back in at assigned times throughout the month.  As I am coming into the home stretch of training for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon (FYI I’m still accepting donations) in December, I was stuck on what goals to establish for myself and then it came to me – a streak! streak

My Goal for the #POTM2013 Challenge is to Run at least 1 Mile everyday in November.  Yes, I’ll be tapering, but what has worked for me in the past is running a slow easy mile or two on the off days.  I’ve been running 5 Days a week through this training cycle so that’s only 2 more days and by slow I mean 12:30 – 13:00 minute mile slow…   sticker,375x360_u2I completed a streak last spring, and I found the process to be very beneficial.  It was almost calming and I did much better with maintaining my weight.  I really struggle through the holidays (I know that’s a shock) so I am hoping that this will help keep me on track. 

My plan is to get this streak started and then jump on to the next Runners’ World Holiday Streak – usually they do one from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I am making progress on my weight loss goals and I feel like I am in good shape for my marathon.  The up coming holiday season will be busy and while I don’t want to go into it with unrealistic expectations (I won’t be starting Whole 30 anytime soon), I also want to do my best to avoid the 10 lbs I typically gain between Thanksgiving and New Years.  I think by starting now and getting a firm plan in place for my excercise and nutrition I’ll be in the best shape of my life when I hit the big 40 in mid January.

Have you ever completed a running streak?  Are you already starting to make plans for surviving the holidays?



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I'm a 45 year old single woman living in Dallas, TX. I'm a licensed nursing home administrator, runner, Aunt, and Mom to a Welsh Corgi puppy named Eloise and a cat named Gracie. My life is anything but boring and I learn something new everyday.
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