Caution When Lifting.

What’s Weighing You Down?  

This is a thought that has been on my mind recently, especially after traveling when my suitcase inevitably gets tagged with the “Caution When Lifting Tag,” because I will predictably overpack.  So what’s the baggage that’s weighing you down? What are the thoughts, habits, fears that are holding you back? In 2020 I want to do some hard things, things that I have previously not been successful in accomplishing.  I am working really hard to change my mindset and I thought it might be helpful to unpack some of that baggage by at least naming it, releasing it, and letting it go. So here you go here are the things that tend to make my suitcase just a little too heavy, Caution When Lifting… 

  • Books I’ve never read, but plan to someday
  • Cookbooks that I occasionally flip through, but never use 
  • Clothes that are either too big or too small 
  • Shoes that I never wear because they just aren’t comfortable 
  • Coffee cups 
  • Maps to places I will probably never go 
  • Empty flower pots
  • Mismatched tools
  • A paddleboard I fully intend to use this summer
  • Two bicycles
  • Mismatched socks 
  • Baseball Hats
  • My parents divorce when I was in High School
  • Stacks of old bills, pay stubs and junk mail that need to be discarded  
  • Empty boxes (actually the empty boxes are gone)
  • 4 different canisters of oatmeal – 2 steel cut, 2 instant rolled oats 
  • More clothes 
  • Panty hose that I never wear 
  • My step father’s death 
  • Words I’ve never written 
  • Words I need to write 
  • Failed diets – too many to count 
  • Paper bags
  • Plastic Bags 
  • Bins full of things I don’t even remember that I have
  • Notebooks full of deep thoughts from my Undergrad and Graduate School Days 
  • Old family pictures 
  • 12 packages of Picky Oats 
  • Too many containers to count full of leftovers that I didn’t finish before they went bad, but they’re still in the fridge 
  • Old CDs 
  • My weight
  • Medals from races 
  • Files I can’t manage to file 
  • The fear of failing
  • Negative thoughts
  • Things I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done

Since writing this list out I’ve started to work on dumping my excess baggage.  I don’t want a, “too heavy,” suitcase to hold me back from accomplishing my goals in 2020.  To that end I am embarking on an adventure next weekend, as I near the 46th anniversary of my birth, I am stepping out and trying things I would have previously said no to like running the 25K at the Ouachita Switchbacks in Oklahoma next Saturday, January 18th.  I am undertrained and am fully prepared for the ass whooping the trail will probably deliver, but is a race I’ve wanted to do for a while and a trail I’ve wanted to be on for a very long time. Originally I wasn’t going to be free the weekend of the race, but now I’m free so I’m going for it.  Look for a race report soon.

About AuntJenFox

I'm a 45 year old single woman living in Dallas, TX. I'm a licensed nursing home administrator, runner, Aunt, and Mom to a Welsh Corgi puppy named Eloise and a cat named Gracie. My life is anything but boring and I learn something new everyday.
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