November 7

Day 7! Hooray for me, 7 days of carving out a few minutes everyday to share  my thoughts.  I am a big fan of celebrating my successes and this is definitely a success for me.  Some nights I just didn’t want to do it; I was tired, tapped out from the day, but allowing myself the option of a gratitude list has made all the difference.  It’s also been fun to dip my toe back into my writing prompts.  The unexpected benefit of this little challenge has been the connection with friends near and far.  I’ve heard from so many of and I am so grateful and appreciative for your support, feedback and just dropping into my life of physical distancing to say Hi! 

I want to go on a journey, I want to share my stories with all of you just like you share your stories and experiences with me.  I want to go on a journey and while this is my journey and much if it is up to me to figure out, I don’t want to go on this journey alone. I saw a post on instagram recapping a talk that Stacy Abrams gave in NYC last year that really spoke to me today and I’m using it as my jumping off point for tonight’s post.  She said, “1. Refuse to edit your ambition. If you edit your ambition, you do the work for them. 2. Don’t go it alone. Do something messy and more powerful. 3. Don’t forget the pain. The pain reminds us to wake up and try again.” (thank you @drlesko for sharing).  I think this quote is appropriate for many of us on many levels. Here’s what spoke to me: “Don’t go it alone.”  If I’ve learned nothing else in life, it’s that it is far better to share, to bring others along with you and to help them chart their own paths.  I am successful at work because of the people I work with, they make me better and together we accomplish great things.  I’d like to apply that philosophy to my personal endeavors so here we all are, I’m bringing you along on this truly messy journey.  

Don’t edit your ambition! Hello… How many of us need this reminder?  We shouldn’t try to make ourselves smaller or less than just to make others more comfortable or to try to fit into what we think others want us to be or should be.  How often have I thought, I won’t post anything because who cares what I have to say, my words aren’t as important as someone else’s or who really cares about my 5 year plan or that I like to watch Hallmark Christmas movies.  Here’s the thing, we have no idea who is watching what we do, who is waiting for someone to be brave, to break the mold, shatter the glass ceiling (Thank you Kamala!), to say hey you are not alone I want to do the same thing or I’m thinking or feeling the same thing.  If we edit ourselves down just to fit some preconceived concept of who we are supposed to be, think or act we miss out on so much and others might miss out too. 

Finally, Don’t forget the pain.  2020 has definitely been a year of pain for many of us.  The pain is something that we can learn from, grow from and build from.  Beautiful things grow from loss and destruction. I have definitely felt more than my fair share of pain this year, that pain has been both professional and personal and honestly I’ve been reluctant to share that pain.  My go to status is to just push it all to the side and carry on because everything is fine.  With each post I am working up the courage to write about some of those painful experiences, to explore what I’ve learned and to maybe start to heal.  

Thanks for sticking with me for these first 7 days. I am grateful to have you all along on this journey and I promise to actually start to talk more about where I think I am headed.  Tonight I am excited, hopeful and looking forward to the promise of a new day. 

About AuntJenFox

I'm a 45 year old single woman living in Dallas, TX. I'm a licensed nursing home administrator, runner, Aunt, and Mom to a Welsh Corgi puppy named Eloise and a cat named Gracie. My life is anything but boring and I learn something new everyday.
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2 Responses to November 7

  1. John Berkely says:

    Jen, all I ever saw in working with you was potential! A true professional who had only her commitment to those she cared for and her team mates. All I can say is go Jen go! How does the Fox? You’re amazing

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